Oil Paint, Perspex


These images are composites of macro photographs of oil paint on a plastic slide; each slide is usually between 2 and 3cm wide and the final composite image files range from between 2 and 3m wide (at 300ppi) and consist of upto 130 individual images. Only the very centre of each initial macro photograph is used to achieve the sharpest final image, these cropped images are then stitched together using an open source panoramic software
The original photographs are taken using a custom camera rig i designed, it allows the camera to move in all 3 directions so that the camera can occupy any space within it’s cube enclosure. (see: equipment)

Delta Nebula 0011-0638: 1	of 1
Delta Nebula 0011-0638

All prints come on Baryta paper and are numbered/limited to 100 for each size option, specific numbers on request. Largest sizes for each artwork are signed.